Preserve Our Past

Your support will help us continue to provide the tools to help preserve Native history, culture and language in Indian Country.

Care for Future Generations

Your support will help us teach our youth how to become good storytellers and to use media to inspire positive change in Native youth and celebrate Tribal identity.

Create an Indigenous Media Fund

Your support will help us expand our scope of support to a wider variety of projects like experimental work, feature films, gaming, mobile apps and more.

Honor the Professional

Your support will help us create opportunities for Native filmmakers to improve their skill sets, learn creative and business aspects of filmmaking and build a supportive community.

Catalyst for Change

Catalyst for Change

I am proud to represent Vision Maker Media. Our documentaries that we see on PBS stations across the country have done so much to break down stereotypes and tell the true stories from Indian Country. Through social media, we reach many youth who are searching to see themselves in a good light.

Mary Kathryn Nagle (Cherokee)
Vision Maker Media Board Member
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